We stand for Ukraine

15 March 2022 Update

We admire and support (as much as we can) the efforts that NGOs, volunteers, local administrations, churches and Romanian people put into helping the Ukrainian crossing the borders in different parts of the country.

We hope and we encourage you to keep your enthusiasms for helping one another as long as it takes (which might be a while) given that we won’t know for sure when this will end…

We are also aware, even though the need for help is huge, that sometimes we need to take a break and disconnect a little bit from the subject in order to keep our mental and physical health.  We cannot do any good for others if we are not good.

We have some updates form our initial lists that you can use on your search for help or your search to offer help. Make sure to check our initial list too. You will find it lower on the page.

  • Job offers:
  1. Jobs for Ukraine here
  2. FaceBook group for job offers: HR for Ukraine here
  3. E-jobs platform: E-jobs for Ukraine here
  • Code for Romania developed some more platforms:
  1. One roof https://unacoperis.ro/ro
  2. Ukraine Child Cancer Help https://ukrainechildcancerhelp.ro/ro
  3. Emmergency support https://sprijindeurgenta.ro/
  • European Comission made a list with all useful information on the rights that Ukrainian citizens have while traveling to EU – here
  • A list with all support groups around the word – here
  • Ukraine Takes Shelter platform – here
  • Declic has made a useful and interesting list of general information for refugees, mentioning the official sources of information, accommodation offers, details on the types of free transport, facilities provided by various banks, jobs, schools, medical and veterinary services – here
  • We seen that many of those who leave Ukraine do not leave their furry friends behind. Some veterinary services we found:
  1. Pet Services in Bucharest, Suceava, Iasi, Baia Mare and Brasov – here
  2. A Facebook group for pet owners – here

More locally, in Brasov, some initiatives are emerging:

  1. Comunity center at CATTIA (Str. Institutului nr.35) – more details here
  2. Doctors that give prescriptions

If you want to help and you are not sure what you can do, there is always a need for cash donations:

1. Red Cross – https://donate.redcrossredcrescent.org/ro/aucr2022/~darul-meu?_cv=1

2. UNICEF – https://help.unicef.org/ukraine2022?country=RO&language=ro

3. Tree with good deeds – https://www.facebook.com/CopaculCuFapteBune

4. Zi de bine Association – https://www.facebook.com/zidebine.ro

5. Patrocle’s Home Association – aici

6. People for people  – https://oamenipentruoameni.ro/doneaza

Are you from Ukraine or do you know someone there that needs help?

Useful information for refugees, translated in  Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, English: Dopomoha.ro

Useful information for refugees, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, translated in  Romanian, Ukrainian, English Ucraina – Împreună ajutăm mai mult

Information about offers of support (accomodation, transport, food, medication, jobs) translated in more languages, also in Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, English: Refugees.ro

Facebook group for direct help Romania-Ucraina: UNIȚI PENTRU UCRAINA – Об’εднанi за Украiну – United for Ukraine

Information on the safety of refugees in Romanian and Ukrainian in the document prepared by the Network of NGOs against Trafficking Human Beings

Another platform with some useful tips on how to help: Ce trebuie să știi dacă vrei  să ajuți refugiații din Ucraina?  

You want to offer support or to help?

Information about offers of support (accomodation, transport, food, medication, jobs) translated in more languages, also in Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, English: Refugees.ro

Red Cross Romania, money donations 

UNICEF Romania, money donations 

Google form for centralizing help offers  by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeyirIDJ2dD-SMm8wPLRxLTdagDQoCxVY-QBn1uE2t7GUZnjQ/viewform

Facebook  Group: UNIȚI PENTRU UCRAINA – Об’εднанi за Украiну – United for Ukraine

20 Meaningful Ways You Can Help Ukraine here

Pay attention to fake news and misinformation!

Verify information from multiple sources, official sources and follow, as much as you can, journalists that are on the field. 

Official Ukrainian site War in Ukraine 

Pagina de Media presents a summary  with official Romanian journalists that are in Ukraine. 

Mass-media RO: 




Mass-media EN: