About FAL Brașov

FAL Brașov (Food Accelerator Lab Brașov) is one of the 9 labs from FoodSHIFT2030 project.

The main objective of the lab is to integrate the local producers (predominantly small-scale) into an innovative and ambitious regional food system fostering a more localised food economy and reviving the gastronomic heritage of the region.

FAL Brașov innovation focus

(1) Promoting a food system that contributes directly to the local economy. By encouraging and promoting short chains, we support direct, non-intermediate interactions between producers and consumers that provide jobs in rural areas, for the local community and contribute to the socio-economic viability of the region (through process and marketing innovation).

(2) Reviving the region’s gastronomic heritage. By identifying and promoting the local agricultural production and varieties of the Brasov region, the traditional recipes of this area and local initiatives aimed at enhancing the region’s gastronomic heritage, we want to contribute to documenting, protecting and promoting the regional gastronomic heritage.

(3) Development of food governance at the level of Brașov city. We want to contribute to and support the development of local food governance by consulting stakeholders and creating the first draft of a city-wide food strategy, by introducing chapters on agricultural production and food in the sustainable development strategies for the metropolitan area and the county of Brașov, and by analysing and proposing improvements to public policies (in particular on green public procurement in the framework of the national “Corn and Milk” programme).

(4) Raising awareness in the local community on the importance of small producers for local food resilience and educating and professionalising small producers. By educating the young population on the importance of developing local food resilience and the significant contribution of the local small producer in achieving this goal we aim to contribute to raising awareness in the local community. At the same time, we support local small producers by offering training sessions on topics such as taxation, marketing, associativity, quality schemes, etc.

(5) Raising awareness of the population and restaurant owners on reducing food waste.

FAL Brașov Innovations