The VISIONARY project focuses on a range of food system transitions towards sustainability in different countries, with a variety of approaches and methods involving different types of stakeholders.

What is preventing us from making the transition to sustainable food systems?

VISIONARY investigates Europe’s food systems, asking key questions: What is preventing us from making the transition to more sustainable food systems? How can these bottlenecks be overcome? What policy and business changes are needed to promote sustainable farming practices?

The importance of reconsidering European food systems in a global context was highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic when it became clear that the global food supply chain is prone to failure in the face of shocks.

Current food systems suffer from the overuse of chemicals in food production, monoculture systems and the negative environmental impact of intensive livestock farming on land and at sea, leading to soil degradation and a negative impact on water and biodiversity. Substantial change in the food system is urgently needed to make agriculture more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

VISIONARY aims to improve the sustainability of agriculture by promoting those practices in food production systems that are more environmentally friendly, economically viable and socio-culturally appropriate and by helping to remove barriers to their adoption.

Our Role

Highclere Consulting (HCC) is responsible for writing the communication, dissemination and exploitation plan and monitoring activities. We are also coordinating the case studies in Romania in work package 4 which focus on the concept of Local Gastronomic Point and Small Producers.



Project Duration
September 2022 – August 2026