EU-FarmBook is an ambitious 7-year-long Horizon Europe project (2022-2029) working at regional, national and European (EU) level to build an easily accessible and user-friendly digital knowledge exchange platform for farmers, foresters and other rural businesses.

The context

The EU-FarmBook project is a big project (29 partners from 18 countries) testing a big idea!

Is it possible to bring together and organise all the practical outputs of EU-funded research and innovation projects on a single digital platform where it can be easily accessed by those people who need this practical knowledge and information the most?  The challenges are huge – information quality, compatibility issues, language barriers, and intergenerational considerations to name a few.  However, the future of European agriculture and forestry is knowledge-intensive and requires greatly increased and improved knowledge exchange between farmers, foresters, researchers, advisors, teachers and trainers.

The EU-FarmBook project builds on the results of the EUREKA project (more information here) that proved the feasibility of building an online open-access knowledge reservoir by building a pilot version (  The new EU-FarmBook platform will have greatly enhanced functionality to make the knowledge it contains more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, while also adding additional features for users to interact and explore innovative ways to solve their daily challenges.  The first release of the platform (ready for uploading content) is due in January 2024.

Our role

Highclere Consulting (HCC) leads an important work package in the EU-FarmBook project entitled “Knowledge networking and feedback on user expectations”.

The tasks in this work package play a key role in building connections both WITHIN and OUTSIDE the project.  In particular, by connecting the ongoing development and promotion of the platform with the community of Horizon projects that will contribute content to the digital platform and the vast network of potential users seeking knowledge from these projects.



Project Duration
August 2022 – July 2029