The MOVING project aims to co-develop policy frameworks across Europe to establish new or updated value chains that contribute to the resilience and sustainability of mountain areas, enhancing local assets

Mountain areas cover 36% of Europe and play a key role in the provision of goods (public and private)

However, mountain areas are still considered Europe’s “undervalued ecological backbone” due to inadequate knowledge about many aspects of these regions that affect their management.

MOVING will provide new collaborative tools for policy making in mountain regions, as well as guidelines for new policies to improve connectivity, sustainability and resilience of these areas.

MOVING will examine the existing value chains in European mountain areas and assess in depth 23 selected reference regions from 16 countries, representing the great diversity of Europe’s mountain areas. For this, the project will build a European-wide Community of Practice (CoP) on mountain value chains, based on Multi-Actor Platforms (MaP) that bring together stakeholders, policy makers and researchers and involve them in co-design and validation of all research results.

Our Role

Highclere Consulting (HCC)is responsible for coordinating the activities of Work Package 7: Policy Analysis and RoadMap creation. With our experience as facilitators and policy experts, we have taken on the role of coordinating the preparation of user-friendly policy programming tools, and a policy roadmap and a “Quick Start” policy draft and toolkit for policy makers that links to the visual tools developed in WP3 and implemented in WP1.

We are also coordinating case studies in WP4 for two of the 23 reference regions: Romania – Piatra Craiului Mountains and Bulgaria – Stara Planina Mountains.



Project Duration
September 2020 – August 2024