Rural and environmental development in south-east Europe.


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FoodSHIFT2030: an innovative project about the future of food in Europe, implemented in Brasov by a multi-disciplinary partnership.

Starting with January 2020, the project "FoodSHIFT2030: Food System Hubs Innovating towards Fast Transition by 2030", launches an ambitious citizen initiative: the transition to a sustainable food system, which encourages more plant-based nutrition, with beneficial effects for the health of the population and the protection of the environment.

SALSA: Who will feed us in 2050? And how 2030 will look like?

Stakeholders relevant to small farmers and small foods’ business gather recently in Bucharest for a participatory foresight workshop aimed at helping them distil for small farmers’ contribution to Food and Nutritional Security by the 2030 and 2050 time horizons.

SALSA: Achieving FNS beyond 2020 though enabling conditions for small farms, Rome

During the week of May 14th to 16th, Highclere Consulting organized a meeting with the coordinators of the WP6 ‘Enabling Conditions for Smallholder Farmers’ part of the SALSA project. The meeting, held in Rome and hosted by our partner Coldiretti, gathered 17 partners working both in European and African regions.