EUREKA is a Horizon 2020 project that will address the needs and improve the connections between two distinct user groups: Multi-actor project partners and multi-actor end-users.

What is EUREKA

EUREKA builds on the experience gained in the EURAKNOS project, where best practices from all Horizon 2020 projects with a Thematic Network approach were gathered in a knowledge repository.

What we do

EUREKA will develop a MA community supported open source e-platform, FarmBook building on a mapping of the knowledge demand of end-users (farmers, scientists, policy makers, advisers) and by the harvest of best practice from more than 120 MA projects.

Our Role

Highclere Consulting (HCC) is coordinating the outreach and knowledge transfer activities in EUREKA with specific responsibility for promoting and enhancing the use of the project outputs.


  • 21 partners from 15 EU states
  • 6 partners from CEE countries
  • 63 connections to Multi-actor projects
  • 48 signed lols for supporting the project