FARMWELL: Examples of social innovations

The FARMWELL project set out to address the challenges that farming communities face when it comes to social, physical and mental wellbeing. In the six partner countries, the challenges differ so widely and run so deep.

For the local context in Romania, the most pressing problems stem from low income and education levels, but also from people leaving the villages, especially women.

In Belgium, the focus has been on solutions to help farmers cope with the sector’s difficulties.

In Italy, the main problem is linked to the use of illegal workers in agriculture which causes problems for both farmers and workers, the latter facing vulnerable positions, low wages and poor living conditions.

In Greece, the challenges of rising energy costs, related economic pressure and stress and energy poverty in agriculture were highlighted.

In Poland, our partners sought to understand why it is important to provide therapeutic activities on farms for mentally disabled adults, while encouraging independence

In Hungary, farmers are developing and becoming socially responsible, creating social farms involving people with different disabilities.

All these issues were explored by the project’s communications team and an animation was created to highlight all the evidence identified. Following this animation, the team travelled to film and bring the story of the 6 social innovations to everyone’s attention.

Animation: Farm Well – a story about farm life today

In our work we seek solutions and answers to the challenges that small farmers face every day. Some are closer, some are further away. Some more technical, some more practical. Some need more resources, others just need a little imagination.

The FARMWELL project’s aim to seek innovative solutions to everyday problems affecting the well-being of farmers, farming families or farming communities has been well suited.

We looked around Brasov and found several solutions for rural communities, but we were enchanted by the story of the Women’s Neighbourhood in Saschiz. We explored with the people of Bod and Vulcan their story, and even more, we asked the lovely ladies to tell everyone what the community of Saschiz and the work of the Neighbourhood means to them.

Below the video where the ladies tell their story! Even more, you can find stories from the 5 countries where solutions have been sought: Belgium, Greece, Italy, Poland and Hungary (with Romanian subtitles).

Romania: Women rebuilding rural communities

FARMWELL Social innovations: