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Food 4.0 Brasov: How to innovate the food sector in the region

Last week, a “Workshop on entrepreneurial discovery” was organized in Brasov, to generate a direct collaboration between the actors in the food value chain. The main purpose: create ideas for projects that will subsequently benefit from funding through relevant regional or European programs.

LIASION2020: Civitas Foundation won the Rural Innovation Ambassador Award with Nod Verde project

In January 2019 the Horizon 2020 project LIAISON launched a Europe-wide contest, EURIC,  with the aim of seeking-out innovative, inspiring and ground-breaking initiatives from within farming, forestry and the agri-food supply chain.

FoodSHIFT2030: an innovative project about the future of food in Europe, implemented in Brasov by a multi-disciplinary partnership.

Starting with January 2020, the project "FoodSHIFT2030: Food System Hubs Innovating towards Fast Transition by 2030", launches an ambitious citizen initiative: the transition to a sustainable food system, which encourages more plant-based nutrition, with beneficial effects for the health of the population and the protection of the environment.